November 29th, 2017 by

We all know why windshield wiper fluid is important. You don’t want your windshield getting dirty and to not have a means to clean it. Making sure you use proper wiper fluid is an absolute necessity.

What’s in real wiper fluid? It consists of water with a slight bit of alcohol to keep it from freezing. It also contains cleaning detergents to help keep your windshield clean.

It is important to periodically keep the reservoir full at all times so that the fluid can be used for extended periods while traveling. An adequate supply of windshield wiper fluid is not only needed to keep the windshield clean but to also act as a lubricant for the mechanical device that runs the wipers.

If there is not adequate fluid to lubricate the glass so the wipers can move freely it can cause the wiper motor to perform unnecessary work that causes wear and tear on that system.

If you have questions about wiper fluid or your car in general, get in touch with the service center at Weber BMW in Fresno, CA. Our staff can answer all of your questions.

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