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Did you see the latest lineup from BMW? The German automaker has outdone itself with the latest 4 series. Ranked highly for its interior, style, and performance, the BMW 4 Series is a driver’s favorite car because it can switch between sporty and economic at any time. There are a variety of different trims, upgraded tech inside, and lots of premium upgrades, such as leather seating and sunroof.

BMW is known for adding a ton of ways to customize your vehicle. You can choose between a variety of different colors, engine styles, and body styles, as well as premium styling packages and infotainment upgrades, like GPS and satellite radio. However, even at the base, you can set up custom commands that automatically do the things you set in the infotainment system. It’s also hooked up to the engine and most of the other parts of your vehicle, so you can get warnings when your tire pressure goes low or if your car needs a service appointment.

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