Ordering a New Car from BMW Fresno

2022 BMW i4

Have you ever gone car shopping and can’t find the car of your dreams in a local dealership? Or do you want a model that’s specifically built for you? Then, ordering a new car may just be the solution for you. How to order a new car is a straightforward process that our finance team at BMW Fresno can walk you through in a bit. Let’s create a unique vehicle that fits perfectly into your Visalia lifestyle below!

How to Order a New Car?

Ordering a new car might seem like a foreign concept, but it’s almost the same as how you would buy a car usually except you get total control over all of the details and you get to be happy about every inch of your next vehicle. Just do the following three steps: 

  1. Reach out and one of our sales consultants will meet up with you in person or virtually to build your dream vehicle. Whether you have a specific model in mind or still need to decide on a model, we can help you figure it all out during the meeting. And of course, we will also discuss the price and financing options.
  2. Once we have all of the information on your next vehicle, you will then work with our finance specialists to place a deposit as well as review payment options and order timing. 
  3. Lastly, we will send the order to the factory, so they can bring your vision to life. Once your vehicle arrives at our Fresno dealership, we will contact you and you can pick it up! 

How Long Does It Take to Order a New Car? 

As you can see, the process to ordering a new car with BMW Fresno can be quick as long as we are able to flesh out all the details. But how long does it take to order a new car and be able to drive it in Madera? That will depend on the model that you are selecting. We recommend that you put in an order as soon as possible or at least expect to wait several months before your new vehicle arrives. If you know when you would like to upgrade your car, it’s best to order the next one in advance. This is yet another advantage to ordering a new car, so you can drive in a model that you love instead of having to frantically search for it!

Build Your Dream BMW Car Today 

Now that you know how to order a new car from the factory, build your new BMW with us soon! Contact us with any questions or research which model you’d like for your Merced style. 


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