Exploring the Benefits of Electric Cars

White 2022 BMW i4 charging at a charging station

While environmental impact is probably the first thing that comes to mind when drivers think about electric cars, there are many more benefits of electric vehicles to be included in the conversation. With many OEMs expanding their lineups to include the electric side of auto performance, shoppers can’t help but at least imagine how an electric model would fit into their Visalia lifestyle. Local drivers can expect better efficiency and a different experience along with the long-term environmental benefits of electric cars. Discover more in detail below before stepping into a brand-new electric vehicle yourself!

Benefits of Electric Vehicles as a Car Owner 

Among current electric lineups in the market, one theme that keeps resurfacing is the future. The future refers both to a healthier Earth due to the various environmental benefits of electric cars—which we will go over in the next section—as well as the new and improved driving experience. When you decide to go fully electric in Madera, you can expect to enjoy the latest technology, futuristic designs, and a completely different experience that gas-powered models simply can’t offer. Specifically, you can expect:

  • Less Routine Maintenance: Electric vehicles don’t need engine oil, so you’ll no longer have to worry about going into your local service center for oil changes. 
  • Quieter Drive: Also, they don’t necessarily have any engine noises, so you’ll notice easily that your drives are more quiet and peaceful. Even if you enjoy listening to a podcast or your favorite driving playlist on the road, you will be able to hear the words more clearly!
  • Performance: In an electric model, you can still experience impressive, thrilling performance as electric motors can produce near-instantaneous torque.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars

Beyond the benefits of electric cars that all drivers can appreciate in their daily commutes, an electric model is also kinder to the world. Whether you’re environmentally conscious or you’re indifferent, your drives behind the wheels of an electric vehicle will impact the Earth positively! Here are two main environmental benefits of electric cars:

  • Zero Emissions: Electric cars have close-to-zero tailpipe emissions. Most models don’t even have an exhaust system, so they don’t produce any exhaust emissions.
  • Renewable Energy Sources: They can also rely on renewable energy sources. Because they are powered by electricity, they can take advantage of renewable resources, such as solar, wind, and even water.

Are There Any BMW EVs?

In the BMW lineup, there are currently two electric models available for Merced drivers to enjoy. Learn more about each model below before securing the keys to one from BMW Fresno:

  • BMW iX: Midsize Sports Activity Vehicle® (SAV) with innovative design and luxurious comfort 
  • BMW i4: Sporty Gran Coupe with thrilling performance and sleek style

If you want to try out a hybrid car first, BMW also has several plug-in hybrid options for you to select from: BMW 7, 3, 5 & X5.

Learn More About Electric Cars from BMW Fresno!

After discovering some of the key benefits of electric cars, what are your thoughts on them? Feel free to reach out to our team at BMW Fresno for more information or for a test drive in the new iX or i4 (or both if you’d like)! We are excited to show you the difference electrified performance can make in your commutes around Fresno.

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