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2021 BMW X5 vs. 2021 Range Rover Sport

2021 BMW X5 vs. 2021 Range Rover Sport

2021 BMW X5


2021 Range Rover Sport


335 hp

Standard Performance

355 hp

EPA-Estimated Gas Mileage (City/Highway) for Base Model


Standard/Max. Passenger Capacity

72.3 cubic feet

Max. Cargo Capacity

63.7 cubic feet
8.7 inches

Ground Clearance

8.4 inches
Yes, BMW xDrive

AWD Available?


When you compare Land Rover vs. BMW or Range Rover vs. BMW, you’ll find that Land Rover is often thought of as a producer capable of off-roading SUVs that provide a heavy dose of opulence, too. The iconic Defender, for instance, is to the Land Rover lineup what the Wrangler is to the rugged Jeep lineup. But we’re here to talk about how the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, aka the Range Rover Sport, compares to the BMW X5.

BMW is well-known for producing sporty and luxurious vehicles that offer blood-pumping performance. But as you’ll see when you compare the Range Rover Sport vs. X5, first impressions aren’t always accurate. Why? The X5 is cheaper than the Range Rover Sport, offers better ground clearance and available AWD, and is even more fuel-efficient. Want to learn more? Read on or contact us at BMW Fresno now!

Range Rover Sport vs. BMW X5: Pricing

When it comes to comparing luxury SUVs — even those that cost close to what the average American family makes annually — there’s no sense in not being penny-wise.

If like many Fresno and Clovis luxury SUV shoppers, you find yourself looking for something that ticks all the right proverbial boxes while also offering stupendous value, then the BMW X5 might be a great option for you compared to the Range Rover Sport.

Why choose the X5 over the Range Rover Sport? The BMW costs over $10,000 less, to start thanks to an MSRP of just under $60,000 vs. an MSRP of just under $70,000 for the Range Rover Sport. Enough said.

Range Rover Sport vs. BMW X5: Performance & Efficiency

In a matchup of Range Rover Sport vs. X5, you’ll find that not only does the BMW provide well-over 300 horsepower, but it also is more efficient than the Range Rover. Here’s what you’ll find when you compare models with regard to power and efficiency:

  • BMW X5 Base Performance: 335 hp
  • Range Rover Sport Base Performance: 355 hp
  • BMW X5 Standard EPA-Estimated MPG: 21 mpg city / 26 mpg highway
  • Range Rover Sport EPA-Estimated MPG: 19 mpg city / 25 mpg highway

Range Rover Sport vs. BMW X5: Passenger & Cargo Space

The Range Rover Sport is fairly spacious, and so is the BMW X5. Both SUVs boast space for up to seven passengers with available third-row seating. Both SUVs, however, also come standard with seating for five passengers. Looking for more detailed information and Land Rover vs. BMW specs? Find them below:

  • BMW X5 Standard/Optional Max. Passenger Capacity: 5/7 passengers
  • Range Rover Sport Standard/Optional Max. Passenger Capacity: 5/7 passengers
  • BMW X5 Max Cargo Capacity: 72.3 cubic feet
  • Range Rover Sport Max Cargo Capacity: 63.7 cubic feet
  • BMW X5 Standard Cargo Capacity (Behind 2nd Row): 33.9 cubic feet
  • Range Rover Sport Standard Cargo Capacity (Behind 2nd Row): 40.7 cubic feet

Range Rover Sport vs. BMW X5: Rugged Capability

When it comes to capability, you might be inclined to automatically assume that the Range Rover Sport is better equipped to handle inclement weather or rough road conditions than the Range Rover Sport. But that’s not necessarily true. Why is that? When you take the time to compare the Range Rover Sport vs. X5, the BMW offers not only AWD — like the Range Rover — but also better standard ground clearance:

  • BMW X5 Ground Clearance: 8.7 inches
  • Range Rover Sport Ground Clearance: 8.4 inches

Find & Finance Your Next BMW X5 in Fresno!

After pitting Land Rover vs. BMW, if you’re finally ready to figure out once and for all if the Range Rover Sport or BMW X5 is right for you, we invite you to visit our new & used BMW dealership in Fresno for a test-drive when safe and convenient. Meanwhile, to see how a new X5 could fit well into your budget, learn more about the BMW reliability, feel free to utilize our payment calculator and then apply for financing onlineThe Range Rover isn’t the only thing the BMW X5 can outshine. See the BMW X5 vs. Volvo XC90 comparison today with our team!

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