Fuel Pump in Need of Service? Know the Signs

Your car's fuel system is one of the many parts of your car that should not be ignored. Often a little problem ignored turns into a big costly problem. Stop at BMW Fresno if you have concerns or would like some preventative maintenance done.

Although some symptoms can be attributed to different problems, some are also more related to fuel pump issues. The fuel pump's job is to get the fuel from the gas tank to the engine. If your fuel pump is going bad, it may exhibit the following symptoms.

• Car overheating and stalling
• Engine sputtering at high speeds
• Surging when going consistent speeds

If you believe your fuel system is in need of service, don't wait until it's too late. Stop in BMW Fresno and let our qualified technicians give it a once over and see what's going on. While you're here, check out the many other services we provide

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