DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5: Which Brake Fluid is Right For My Vehicle?

Did you know that there are actually different types of brake fluid available for vehicles? If you are the average vehicle owner, the chances are that you didn't. This makes it probable that you may be forcing the wrong type of brake fluid through your system.

  • DOT 3 brake fluid is manufactured for the standard vehicles. This type of fluid has a lower boiling point, which is not an issue unless you drive your vehicle at higher rates of speed and often stop quickly.
  • DOT 4 brake fluid is classified as a semi-synthetic product and is made for vehicles with a more complex braking system. It is possible that if you have a newer vehicle with ABS and power braking capabilities, this may be the fluid that is right for you.
  • DOT 5 is manufactured for vehicles made for traveling fast. Made from silicone based products, this fluid is often used for racing vehicles where the braking system reaches high levels of speed. With the highest boiling point, this type of fluid can save your braking system components and provide safe stopping control while driving.

To find out if you are using the right type of brake fluid for your vehicle, the BMW Fresno brake technicians are happy to take a look. Their expertise will ensure that you get the stopping power for your vehicle that you can place your trust in.

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