Oil & Filter Change Services for your BMW M Series

The engine is the heart of your BMW vehicle, and just like a regular checkup with your family doctor is important, regular maintenance of your engine provides longer and better life to it.

If you drive an M Series BMW or other high-performance BMW regular engine maintenance becomes even more important. One way to make sure your engine maintains its highest performance ability is having an intermediate oil change schedule.


  • What are intermediate oil changes? These are oil changes made in between suggested oil change mileage.
  • Why do I need intermediate oil changes? They keep your high-performance BMW engine working at peak capacity.
  • What oil does my BMW use? BMW vehicles use BMW specific motor oil or a BMW recommended oil.
  • Use a service center with BMW-trained technicians? BMW-trained technicians have the tools, technology and expertise, and BMW original parts to keep your vehicle in top performing shape.

Schedule your intermediate oil change at our service center in Fresno, CA and our specialists will get your BMW professionally serviced.

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